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  • Product Name : Crema Marfil Beige marble slab
    Size : marble slab 007
    Country of Origin : Spain
    Contact : Vicky Chen (miss) Leave a message Leave a message
  • Crema Marfil      [ Beige Marble Slab ]

    Crema Marfil Feature

    1) The color for background is beige, few red lines, good Luminosity.

    2) 4 kinds of Creama Marfil:

    • COTO regular beige
    • ZAFRA red beige
    • SP lighting beige
    • ZIVAS water stain beige

    3) The white color is the super ones among so many kinds

    4) Commonly used in Construction stone, ornamental stone, cube, curbstone

    5) Recommended stone: Jurassic Beige, Rose Beige, Imperiale Beige, Kombassam Cream, Ivory Cream.

    6) Beige marble slab

    Physical Test Info

    Name: Crema Marfil,Cream Marfil, Creme Marfil, Crema Mafil, Crema Marfel, Crema Marfil Ivory, Crema Marfilsa, Crema Marfilza, Crema Morvil, Creme de Ivoire, Cremo Morphil, Limestone Crema Marfil, Marfil Cream

    Density: 2720 kg/m3

    Water Absorption: 0.15 By weight %

    Compressive strength: 122.0 - 125.3 MPa

    Flexible strength: 19.4 - 19.8 MPa


    Before any orders, we shoud see the big slab at personally at the " Big Slab Warehouse", only a small sample can not help you to see the real color, so it can not be your final reference, all the natural stone, not only Tea Roe has its own natural characteristic, that is why marble has so many levels.

    More details pls visit www.dragonartstone.com, we welcome all your inqiuries!